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Introducing, GeekyBarber

With the current modern technology advancing in a fast-paced environment, businesses will need to keep up – thus everything should be accessible anywhere, everywhere and every time. With cloud technology, put your worries to rest and start maximizing your business potentials to a point that has never been thought possible before.


Experience matters. To date we have handled more than 100,000 barbershop business transactions, amounting to RM2,000,000 worth of sales.
Whether you are a single shop or a multiple-branch business owner looking to improve, we are you experts.

Our smart commission calculator is to manage your barbers' salaries effortlessly.

Screen 1
Screen 1

Define useful categorization and apply discounts or price changes with ease. Efficient tracking of your products is one of the easiest ways to save more money. We have all your needs managed.

View list of active tasks, number of waiting customers and number of active customers being serviced to help minimize waiting time. This queuing mechanism is built with a goal of increasing customer satisfaction in mind.

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We've worked hard to make our application the top choice for tech-savvy barbershop owners.

Other Great Features

GeekyBarber has a lot of great features. Dedicated for your business.

Dashboard Performance

Check your current business performance on the fly. Accessible anytime, everytime. As a business owner, it is vital to have access to your current business performance at the tip of your finger.

Customer Trends

Grow your business by managing your customers. Understand your customer spending pattern and add a more personalized touch towards targeted groups.

Resource Management

Analyze your resource utilization, stay informed of each resource contribution to your monthly revenues.

InteliReport Technology

With tags, your reports are as intelligent as you. Analyze your sales report and improve your business performance based on our intuitive reporting technology.

Merchandise and Service Catalog

Seamless merchandise and services setup.

Group and Price Tags

Group your merchandise into categories and manage your price change (such as discounts) using price tags.

Paperless Receipts

Digital receipts are a fast and easy way to give your customer a paper receipt and retain an electronic copy for later retrieval.

Cloud Environment

Everything should be accessible anywhere, everywhere and every time. With cloud technology, put your worries to rest. Starting is hassle-free.

More than

RM 2,000,000

Sales Handled
More than


Business Transactions Handled
More than


Customers Queued

And What about Hardware ?

Don't worry. It is device-independent – pair it with any of your favorite phone models, old or new. Be it on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It's easy, right ?


Report Utilization

Analyze your resource utilization, especially on how long is the average time taken to finish any particular task. We even have the market trend on barber’s commission-based pay!

Customer Centric Solution

On top of giving great customer service, we need to study and analyze our customers. We have built a dedicated report to analyze customer trends like the timing, frequency or the likeliness of they coming in.

Customer Flow

It is simple, easy and efficient

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